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BAUMALU ® develops since 1971 its cooking and accessories range

Constantly searching for novelties, we innovate and create in order to always being able to offer you the best of the cuisine

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Cuisine Baumalu
Cuisine Bamalu


An experience for all

By the variety of our products, all of our clients can find an answer for their needs. Our ranges offer to satisfy professional cooks in search of durable material, able to withstand an intensive, daily use. They also offer to accompany passionates in their culinary discoveries, as well as Sunday cooks for a simpler use.


Unveiling new flavors

In a grand restaurant, at your friends' table or on the stove of your own kitchen, the BAUMALU ® products will be your best companions in these moments of life. Cooking is a moment of sharing, for others as for yourself.

Our experience and insatiable curiosity allow us to understand  and guide you through your decisions.

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